Why use Driving Range Golf Mat Tees from Senna?

Senna Golf Tee manufactures and distributes the best driving range golf mat tees available. Our practice tees are reusable so they will last for several trips to the driving range. Start improving your golf game today!

Make your Practice Count!

Senna's golf mat tees will help with simulating the height a golf ball would be at if you were playing a round of golf. Many of us spend more time at the driving range than playing rounds of golf. This is why it is imperative to swing the golf club correctly. Senna's golf mat tees stop you from hitting the golf mat prior to hitting the golf ball which will save your clubs and help to improve your golf swing. Hitting down on a ball is not easy to do on a golf mat. With the ball raised a bit off the mat with a golf mat tee, hitting down on a ball is now possible at the driving range.

Customer Submitted Senna Golf Mat Tee Test

Golf Mat Tees

At just $3.99 a pack, there is no risk in trying our golf mat tees. There is not a better way to improve your golf game for such an affordable price. Once you use our golf mat tees you will always be sure to have a pack in your golf bag. Many of our customers are so impressed, they leave some behind for the next person to try!

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